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Once you have accepted the final offer to sell your house and both parties have signed the purchase and sales agreement, there are a variety of things that you need to do before selling off your home. You may expect to have a number of people in your home as you are packing up and completing the terms of your P&S agreement.

Properties need to be appraised, surveyed, inspected and in some cases repaired.

The good news is that an experienced real estate agent will be able to provide you with a list of contacts as well as set up appointments for you to meet up with contractors, appraisers and more. All of them can help you with your closing home selling. If you have to make any repairs, a real estate agent can put you into contact with an excellent contractor, who can help you to make all of your repairs before the closing date.

Real estate agents can also help you negotiate in your written offer roughly who should pay for each one of these items. Their negotiation skills will help to solidify a fair contract so that you aren’t stuck with all of the bills in selling your home.

Some contracts may also come with home warranties that will put you at fault for repairs to your home within a year of closing it. For this reason, you may also want to have a professional home inspector come through your home to check on anything that may need attention. Making these repairs ahead of time can make sure that you don’t fall victim to a larger cost later.

It is very important in the closing home selling process, that towards the end of the process you are in constant communication with your real estate agent and the buyer’s real estate agent. Making sure that all of your paperwork and the closing of the transaction is running smoothly will help you to make sure that you get your money on time and that you can move out on your required date without any issues or having to pay extra costs.

The official closing will happen on the day, on which the ownership of your property is legally transferred over to the new buyer. With the help of your real estate agent as well as the buyer’s real estate agent, you will be guided through the process of transferring your property to another party. You will need a notary or an attorney to make sure that all of your documents are legally binding and if there is any issue on the sale of your home.

Once the property has been transferred, you will still have a variety of other services that will need to be turned over to the new owners of your property as well. Make sure that you cancel your electricity gas and lawn care services as well as your cable or any other type of home care service that you may receive. Any extra service costs that are charged to the home will simply cost you extra money, so it is important to avoid these extra charges by cancelling all of your extra services shortly after closing your home.