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You deserve a fair value for your home. In order to get the fair market price for your home, it is very important to trust in a real estate agent with experience in your real estate market. In order to sell your home quickly and to get the most possible income out of the sale of your home, it is very important to choose a real estate agent who you trust and who can take you through the process of selling your home. Carlos is willing to work with you through the process of selling your home to help make it less of a burden on your family and to make sure that the process is efficient and successful in getting you top dollar.

Selling a home requires several different steps:

Hiring an agent: if you’ve chosen to sell your home, one of the very first things you will need to do is to select an agent with experience who can help you get the most value out of your home. An agent with the knowledge of your local real estate market will be able to check listings within your area and help to appraise your home for a fair value.

Preparing your home: a real estate agent with experience can tell you exactly how to prepare your home to increase its resale value. Simple touches like painting a room, removing a few pieces of furniture, or putting in a few plants at the front of a home can help to increase its value exponentially. Real estate agents can tell you exactly how to stage your home to make it as marketable as possible.

Pricing: the pricing process for homes allows the real estate agent to do market research for your area, as well as examine your home to determine the selling features that will help it to command a fair price. Based on the features that your home has versus other similarly valued homes within your area, you can work with your real estate agent to set a price for your home. Ultimately the price of your home for a listing will be up to you, but a real estate agent will recommend a price that is best for your home and your situation. If you are interested in getting out of your home quickly, a real estate agent with experience may suggest that you lower the price of your home to reduce the listing time by creating a higher demand for it.

Marketing: real estate agents have many tools at their disposal for marketing your home. Some will use technology and a variety of web assets to market your home to a worldwide market. This is also coupled with a traditional home marketing plan of a sale sign and leaflets with open houses.

Offers: as the offers come in, it is very important to have a real estate agent that is willing to fight for you. You may have to negate a few offers that have been given to you if they are lower than your asking price. Experienced real estate agents will be able to negotiate with potential buyers to help you get as close to your asking price as possible.

Closing: real estate agents will be there every step of the way, including the closing process, to make sure that all of the paperwork is filled out correctly and that the transfer of ownership is completed, so that you can move on to a new home.

Please download the home selling process for your reference.