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Why you must buy a house in Boston in 2015?

Posted on Feb. 20th, 2015

The housing market in Boston for this present year is now having a great start and we anticipate that 2015 will be among the busiest and most lucrative years for the real estate market. If you plan to have a new house this year then you should consider choosing to have one in Boston. Here are some great reasons why 2015 is the best time to purchase a house in Boston:

The interest rates may possibly increase

The interest rates these days hover about 3.86 percent for a thirty-year fixed rate mortgage. Up to now, the interest rates are left untouched yet there are rumors that fed consider raising the national funds rate before the year ends.

Lending has been made easier

The housing crisis has come to an end and the banks are now opening their doors once again. Whilst it is not simple just like the way we used to experience when it comes to getting a loan, it turned to be less prohibitive as compared to how it has been for the previous few years.

Real estate values rose again

It makes this year a great time for purchasing a residential property and adding this on your portfolio. Whether you are searching for a primary residence or a property for rent, this year is certainly a perfect time for buying a house since the property values rises steadily not just in Boston but all over the country.

The Economy picks up

Economic indicators coming from a host of market sectors show that the economy as a whole is certainly on the restore. It means that the real estate market is having more chances to become stronger.

The sellers have become more realistic

Gone are those days when the sellers ask excessive sums for just a small property. This means that the costs are more insightful of their real cost and they are not being driven by the hot market and ego. Therefore, the waters are moderate right now and they will remain in that manner in the near future.

It’s better to own than to rent a house

While the costs of rentals for houses are rising, most people today find it more convenient and thrifty to purchase a house. First of all, buying a house will spare one from tax deductions. It can result to a big difference depending on your wage bracket as well as the amount of your mortgage. In addition, you also have the chance to accrue equity sometimes instantly or over time. Hence, it is a good investment for your future instead of only a living expenditure. Once you analyze the monthly expense as well as the other figures, you will surely find buying as a more appealing choice.

Each market is different and even adjoining the towns can have varied real estate markets. Hence, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Boston real estate agent who will provide you the information you need. He or she may also identify those other reasons why you should consider buying a house in Boston this year. Please visit www.lex-win.com or contact Carlos Xu by sending him an email at carlos@lex-win.com for details about Boston house prices and to get help with your home purchasing requirements.