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Boston is now starting to become a world-class real estate market

Posted on May 6th, 2016

When talking about Boston, what are some of those things that usually enter your mind? You may often think about the clam chowder, top of the line colleges, The Red Sox and The Kennedys. With all of these things, Boston is truly not popular when it comes to attracting wealthy buyers from across the world to purchase a high class city home.

But because of the growing developments, Boston is now taking the biggest and most influential residential boom that just took place in the 1920s. Even the wealthiest house-hunters who prefer Miami, New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles are after trying the Boston real estate.

One of the leaders in the Boston real estate industry is the Four Seasons Private Residences One Dalton Street. This is located at the Back Bay neighborhood situated in Boston. The Boston condo prices of the floors can range from 24 to 61. These are also considered as the luxury private condominiums and are offered at their affordable selling rates. Even though the official marketing is still in the process before the launching, some units are now being sold at the moment.

Actually, the “starchitect” 90-year old Harry Cobb is the one that designs the 699ft tall building. Another well-known expert who renovated the Claridge’s Hotel in London and New York’s Carlyle, Thierry Despont, is the one that designs the public spaces.

And by the summer of 2018, One Dalton will become the most expensive and tallest residential building in New England. It has also been said that the Boston house prices in this building can range from $2 million to $35 million.

In all of the 165 condos, residents can expect of using all top of the edge amenities that only the elites of New York are used to. These include of a theater, a golf simulator, a pet wash room, a health and fitness center and a concierge. It has also been planned that the 50th floor will be exclusively offered to all of the residents for them to enjoy their own restaurant and bar.

According to Dick Friedman, CEO of the Carpenter & Company and the developer of the One Dalton, he believes that Boston can offer something unique to all investors of properties. Checking on the previous recessions, the city was able to stay at such a certain level unlike LA, New York and Miami.

Even though there are already wealthy Boston residents who purchased their homes from Massachusetts real estate, Friedman is still expecting that the majority of the sales will come from the foreign investors. There are now more internationally known companies that are moving their headquarters to Boston, just like the General Electric. And one thing, the new flights of the Logan International Airport from other countries also helped bring foreign investors to the city.

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